Rosi Bradley

B.Couns. (Dist), MNZCCA, MIACN

  Hi I am Rosi Bradley and I am a Professional Counsellor based in Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa.

I enjoy using a mix of therapies including: Person Centred, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Developmental Theory along with Certified Neuropsychotherapy Training.

I have been married for over 30 years and have 4 adult children.

I am passionate about helping people of all ages to understand themselves better, to recognise their strengths and to realise their God given potential, therefore being able to live life more freely.

Wherever you are in life, whether you are struggling through tough times or whether you are simply looking for direction, I would love to help you in your journey.


How can I help?

Everyone goes through difficult life experiences and changes and every relationship encounters conflict.

Counselling is simply talking things through confidentially with a trained Professional who can help you to explore your concerns, and gain a better understanding of your difficulties.

Neuroscience has given us an insight into how the brain works and processes thoughts and feelings. This knowledge can be applied to each individual to gain a better understanding of difficulties and to provide ways to overcome them.

I am interested in a range of difficulties that people experience such as:

          • Anger
          • Anxiety
          • Conflict
          • Grief
          • Marriage Difficulties
          • Negative Thinking Patterns
          • Phobias
          • Relationship Issues

I particularly enjoy working with couples, whether your relationship is in difficulty or whether you would like to enrich it.

Couple Counselling

What is it?

Couples often come to therapy feeling disconnected and trapped by reactivity that they are powerless to change on their own. Sometimes it is every day dilemmas that couples face as they deal with differences, other times these are recurrent struggles that involve intense reactivity, and partners become polarised in their positions with little hope of coming together.

Counselling can help unravel the destructive patterns in a relationship and help each partner to empathise and understand the other’s position, while learning new ways of relating.

An understanding of the ‘why’ behind the behaviours can be learned and new patterns developed, resulting in a much freer and more enjoyable relationship.

Sometimes life changes can affect the relationship and therapy can provide a space to process these changes and the losses and grief that may accompany them.

Other times there is a loss of trust in a relationship which brings pain and hurt. Counselling is a safe place to explore these issues and to decide a way forward.

Conflict is a normal part of every relationship and learning to ‘do’ conflict well is essential. These skills can also be learned in counselling, along with healthy communication skills, that can bring change and hope to your relationship.

Can People Change?


Our identities are made up of a mix of facts, beliefs, thoughts, evaluations and judgments. These can be positive or negative, and are ideas about ourselves gained from our social context (upbringing, school, media, and people around us).

It is from all this that we form ideas of who we are. We then behave and react in certain ways from those ideas.

It is when we get ‘fused’ in those thoughts and ideas that we become stuck, and settle into the ‘this is who I am, I can’t change’ way of thinking.

We develop strategies to cope with these ideas over time, (for example to protect ourselves we can either become dominant, appeasing or withdraw.) These strategies can become outdated and also keep us stuck and hinder our relationships.

Often we are not happy in this position but can see no way out.

These ideas about ourselves can be explored in Counselling, and your true values redefined. You can learn to shake off old ideas about who you are and rediscover the ‘real’ you. Counselling can help you to understand the ‘gap’ between your values and your behaviour (eg: the gap can be fear, lack of confidence, pleasing others, etc). Goals can then be set in therapy, and support given in making steps towards becoming who you were made to be.

You can then begin to live life more freely and reach your true potential.


Will my confidentiality be protected?

Everything discussed in therapy meets the confidentiality criteria of the NZ Christian Counselling Code of Ethics. This will be explained to you, (a copy of this can be made available upon request).


$100.00 (1 hour session)

$120.00 (1 hour session)
$160.00 (1.5 hour session)

If you are a young person under the age of 24 there may be funding available to you.


“I came to Rosi after having been sent to other counsellors and never making much progress with them. I had been in hospital for trying to commit suicide…she made me feel validated, listened to, loved and empowered... in a judgement free, safe environment.
A year later I live a drug-free healthy life, with a profound knowledge that I am loved…I had zero belief that counseling worked before I came to Rosi…she is one of the wisest, most loving women I know, and I strongly recommend her, even if you haven’t had good experiences with counsellors in the past.” (Client)

“I highly recommend Rosi Bradley as a counsellor to assist with personal and relationship growth. She has independent insight and promotes safe constructive discussion. Her skills and tools assisted me to identify self developed plans and paths that helped me to understand myself and my relationships in a healthy way.” (Client)

“I have had counselling before, but nothing like this” (Client)

“Counselling has helped me so much! I’m telling all my friends, I feel more mature now somehow.” (Client)

“Rosi helped me sort through my thinking patterns and identify lies (that I had no idea that I believed) that previously led to burnout. She’s so approachable and easy to talk to that I found myself trusting her with things (that I’ve never expressed elsewhere) that she’s helped me to process and it’s bought much healing to my heart. Working with her has given me skills to sort through my thinking now, as soon as I start to feel not quite ok, rather than down the track later when I’m really struggling. I’m so glad this happened before a major crisis in our family occurred as I was able to walk through that differently than I ever would have been able to”. (Client)